SNP conference supports geodiversity

The following motion was passed at the SNP Conference in Glasgow on 10th March 2012

Conference welcomes the fact that the Scottish Government is revising the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy in line with EU and UN directives, furthermore it recognises the fact that main focuses of this revision are on maintaining and enhancing ecosystems and their services as well as the efficient use of the natural environment and resources.
Conference recognises that an integrated ecosystem approach takes into account the geodiversity underpinning this nation. There are undeniable links between geodiversity, landscape and biodiversity and the fact is that the geodiversity has determined the industrial and economic development of Scotland. Conference recognises that Scotland has an immense range of geodiversity for its size and calls on all Local Authorities to afford local geodiversity sites the same level of protection as for local biodiversity sites.

The motion was proposed by Councillor Phil Greene (member of the Scottish Geodiversity Forum)  and seconded by Anne McLaughlin and by Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change

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