The Geological Society Launches 100 Great Geosites

The UK and Ireland features some of the most diverse and beautiful geology in the world, spanning most of geological time, from the oldest Pre-Cambrian rocks to the youngest Quaternary sediments. As part of Earth Science Week 2014, The Geological Society and partner organisations are celebrating this unique geo-heritage by launching a list of 100 Great Geosites across the UK and Ireland.

We need your help!

To come up with a list, we need your help. Send us your favourites via Twitter, using #100geosites, on the project’s Facebook page at, or by emailing You can support your nomination with anything you like – be it photographs, videos or enthusiastic words. You can find all of this information and more on the webpage

A geosite could be a classic outcrop or a beautiful landscape like the Giant’s Causeway.  The list could also include engineered sites of economic importance such as a Crossrail station, museums, structures featuring striking building stones or sites of significance to the history of geology or our industrial heritage. The only rules are that the site is in the UK or Ireland, and can be visited by the public. We’re hoping that, as well as the classic geological sites the UK and Ireland is famous for, we’ll receive some surprises!

Is there a great geosite in your region that deserves to be on the list? Why not plan an event in Earth Science Week at a local site, to celebrate our geoheritage in your area?

The list will be launched in October 2014 for Earth Science Week (13 – 19 October). We hope the final list of 100 will reflect the huge range of geological sites that can be visited in the UK and Ireland –from the countryside to the hearts of our towns and cities.

Earth Science Week 2014 is taking place on 13-19 October, with a theme of ‘our geo-heritage.’ As well as the 100 geosites project, we’re keen to hear from anyone who would like to propose an event as part of the week. From geowalks to public lectures to educational activities, all ideas are welcome – email or visit to find out more.

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