82 organisations support Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter

charterScotland has unique and special geology, important not just in its own right but also in its contribution to many different aspects of today’s society. This ‘geodiversity’ – the non-living part of nature – is celebrated and acknowledged in Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter, relaunched this week with the support of 82 signatory organisations.

Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter highlights the importance of geodiversity to Scotland. Our rocks, landforms, sediments and soils, and on-going geological processes, contribute to the environment, the economy, to cultural heritage and to future development. When the Charter was drawn up in 2012, it was the first of its kind internationally. In the last five years, the Charter has inspired and contributed to many successful projects that have celebrated and promoted our amazing geodiversity, and many positive steps have been taken to protect and manage important sites.

Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform contributed the foreword to the Charter. She said: “I am delighted to support the relaunch of this charter which celebrates Scotland’s dynamic geodiversity. Clearly the need to manage and adapt to the impact of climate change is becoming more and more crucial, and understanding natural processes, including the relationships between geodiversity and our wider ecosystems, is an important part of this.”

Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter has been drawn up by the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, with support from Scottish Natural Heritage, the British Geological Survey among 82 signatory organisations representing a wide range of charities, local authorities, community groups and businesses from across Scotland.

Angus Miller, chair of the Scottish Geodiversity Forum said: “Geodiversity is about our environment, about how and where we live now, about the character of our landscapes, rural and urban areas, and about how we will cope with future changes brought by climate change. We are very pleased with the wide support for this renewed Charter, which demonstrates the growing appreciation of the importance of geodiversity to Scotland.”

Launch event at 10am, Thursday 16 November at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.

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