Case study: Hugh Miller – celebrating the legacy of Scotland’s great geologist, writer and social campaigner

cruise-of-the-betseyIn 2014 and 2015, two multi-disciplinary sailing voyages celebrated the rich legacy of Hugh Miller (1802-1856). Miller was many things – writer and newsletter editor, key figure in the Free Church, traveller and social campaigner, fossil collector. His book, The Cruise of the Betsey about his summer travels in the Inner Hebrides documented the social conditions of the islands and the impact of the disruption – as well as his geological discoveries.

These voyages brought together writers, artists, geographers, film makers, geologists and local communities. They were organised by a partnership including the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, The Friends of Hugh Miller and the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, with support from the geological societies of Edinburgh and Glasgow. These projects led to the Hugh Miller Writing Competition in 2016, that resulted in some fantastic new poetry and prose inspired by the writings of Hugh Miller.