Case study: Logie Burn

In a Dee Catchment Partnership project, led by SNH and supported by Dinnet and Kinord Estate, SEPA, The River Dee Trust, The James Hutton Institute and the River Restoration Centre, two meanders of the Logie Burn were reconnected. It is hoped that this work will improve water quality in downstream Loch Davan and also on the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve. The channel had been heavily modified by agricultural practices, straightened and dredged of original bed material, cutting off two meanders. The burn has now been restored to its old (pre-1870) course, improving the geomorphology and habitats and providing a small-scale demonstration example.

Dee Catchment Partnership project

Restoring Europe’s Rivers case study


The Logie Burn after restoration. Image courtesy of the Dee Catchment Partnership