Case study: Safeguarding Skye’s fossil heritage for research and tourism: Staffin Museum, Skye

fossil-museum-skyeFounded and curated by Dugald Ross, the Staffin Museum contains excellent collections of local geological and fossil specimens, as well as representative artefacts illustrating the prehistory and social history of Trotternish on the north-eastern tip of Skye.

Since the 1980’s Dugald has been rescuing important fossil remains from the beaches of Trotternish and made them available for public display and research purposes. These voluntary activities and the development of the Staffin Museum over the years has led to an increase in the awareness and understanding of Skye’s fossil heritage in the local community and to tourists alike, the museum becoming a popular tourist attraction. Dugald’s rescue and safeguard of internationally important fossil material, in conjunction with paleontological research has allowed significant advances in Middle Jurassic dinosaur ecology and evolution, raising the profile of Skye’s geology on the international arena.